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Baby blankets

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Kids blankets – for a good night's sleep and relaxation for your child

A kids blanket is one of the first things that parents always include on their extensive shopping list before a child is born. For children, it often becomes the first thing they cuddle with and which sometimes stay with them for much longer than expected. The blankets are soft and tailored to the needs of a baby’s delicate body and are mainly used as a wrap whenever needed. Our company’s collection includes cotton as well as bamboo blankets.

Children's blankets – an important part of a baby’s layette

The newborn children's blanket, as the name suggests, is intended for children who have only just appeared in the world. Various options are available in this category. Those from lightweight cotton fabrics are perfect for summer walks while the warmer ones protect your child from lower temperatures. A kids blanket is not only a product that will work well at home, but also during travels.

Kids blankets in this category vary in size. This allows them to be adapted to the size of the stroller and cot. The collection also includes a kindergarten blanket, bamboo blanket and cotton blanket. These are models with neutral colours, designed for both girls and boys. A kids blanket is a standard supplement to the layette.

Diversity and functionality for every occasion

The main function of the blanket is to protect the child. The kids blanket is particularly suitable for use when taking them by stroller, whike walking or moving the child from home to the car. It is also a replacement for an ordinary duvet.

The kids blankets available in this category have different purposes. Winter variants, such as a warm kids blanket with soft, airy surfaces can be matched to the season.

On summer days, when the temperature is pleasant but when it tends to get windy, parents do not want to overheat the child. That's why they choose a lightweight stroller blanket, which is breathable but provides a warm barrier at any time. They do the same in winter. An additional cotton blanket for babies is a great protection in case of severe frosts. The offer also includes a preschooler blanket and a bamboo blanket.

How do I choose the right kids blanket?

The kids blanket is used until the time when the child goes to a nursery school or kindergarten. This is why parents who choose a kids blanket are looking for a product that is both durable and safe for their child's skin. During the summer season, delicate fabrics which gently protect the newborn's body will work well. On the other hand, cotton blankets for babies are perfect for the winter season.

Another criterion is size. A good quality cotton blanket serves parents and children for several years. The standard sizes available in our collection will perfectly cover newborns as well as older preschoolers. When completing the layette, parents also look for colourful models, which is why our products are distinguished by their rich design. At an early stage, the kids blanket has an aesthetic function which is as important as their clothing.

Bamboo blanket for infants

For several years now, a bamboo blanket for infants has also been a popular choice for parents. Its special feature is that it is more absorbent than cotton, and also softer and more delicate. Moreover, the bamboo fibres protect the child's skin against UV rays. The bamboo blanket also has antibacterial, antifungal and thermoregulatory properties. The AGBO collection includes bamboo blankets that provide maximum comfort for your child during the first months of their life.