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Kids hats with tube scarf

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Kids balaclava – a practical garment

The autumn, winter and spring periods require a child to be properly prepared in terms of their garments. The cap and scarf, which cover the most sensitive spots, is an important part of complete protection. This allows effective protection for your child from cold days with gusty winds. Another solution convenient for both children and parents is the kids balaclava, which is a perfect solution when putting on their complete outerwear. Our collection includes a wide selection of balaclavas for children.

Balaclava for children of all ages

The kids balaclava is a practical piece of clothing. It is intended for cooler days. It will work well during the time of intense playing in the snow. It is a kind of cap that covers a large part of the face. In addition, it reaches all the way to the neck, so it can also serve as a scarf as well. A toddler balaclava is above all comfortable. Parents like to buy it because they don't have to worry about a hat slipping off their child’s head and the scarf loosening and half the neck being exposed.

For whom exactly is a kids balaclava intended? It can be used by both boys and girls. AGBO's offer includes models in various colors, which will surely appeal to children. In addition, each of them is available in different sizes. We have also distinguished variants that will work well during cooler and warmer days.

Convenience and functionality in one

The children's balaclava cap is the main form of head and neck protection. It works best in unfavourable weather conditions. During cold days, the body's resistance is put to a hard test, as toddlers catch infections much faster than adults. That is why parents are looking for an effective solution to protect their child. The children's balaclava is a solution that makes it much easier to care for your child - the parent doesn't have to keep an eye on the child's hat or scarf to make sure they don’t slip off.

In turn, the child gains practical protection by wearing only one piece of clothing. Balaclavas for girls or boys are designed to cover a substantial part of the face. So the chin and lips are solidly protected. The turtleneck-like neck part is hidden under the jacket, so that cool air does not get underneath the garment.

The perfect balaclava for your child – what should it be like?

The balaclava must be suited to the child's body build. That is why we offer a wide range of models in different sizes, which will make it easier for parents to adjust the product to the child's age. This is very important because, like a hat, a loose balaclava will slip off the head - or cause discomfort if it's too tight. A wrongly selected boys' or girls' balaclava will not fulfill its protective function at all.

In addition, the material used to make the balaclava is also important. For severe frosts a children's winter snood made of cotton and acrylic is perfect. These materials perfectly protect the skin against low temperatures. During warmer days, on the other hand, cotton itself with the addition of a waterproof layer, which is impervious to rain, is a great choice.

The appearance of the balaclavas is also important. Parents choose the product according to their child's preferences. That way, the little one doesn't rebel against wearing the product. A girl's balaclava in pink with pom poms, or boys' version in blue are the most popular models. However, in our collection we focus on rich design and a variety of colors, so each model available in the offer stands out and is a fashionable element of a child's outfit.