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Kid's winter hats

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Kids winter hats – a must-have garment for your child

The appearance of the first snow in the season is always a real treat for the youngest children. It is associated with the winter holidays and Christmas time and awakens a desire to go outdoors not only for the youngest ones. It is also a time when children can enjoy carefree play in the snow. However, this requires adequate preparation. What preparation do we mean exactly? First of all we need suitable clothing, which undoubtedly includes winter kids hats. Our hats provide solid head protection against strong frost, which gives peace of mind knowing that your child is secured as best possible against the risks of the winter season. Our company’s range includes various models of winter hats for children.

A must-have in the wardrobe - children's winter hats

Children's winter hats are an addition that completes an outfit for a walk in the park or wen going to school. The hats included in our collection are intended for children of different age categories, from the smallest newborns to school age children. The models are available in different head sizes for both younger and older children. Most importantly, our available kids winter hats are suitable for both boys and girls.

Children's winter hats are made of various materials, but their main purpose is to protect young children from the cold. They are equipped with additional layers, so that wearing them is comfortable. For girls we designed winter hats for children in pink shades, while for boys there are models available in blue or grey. A perfect solution is also hat and snood sets for children.

Effective protection against the cold

Our collection includes winter hats for children, which main purpose is to protect them from low temperatures. This is mainly due to the materials used during the sewing process. Thanks to them, each layer fulfils a specific task and perfectly protects the head against frost. How important is proper head protection on cold days? Very important, as young children of both pre-school and school age do not have as high immunity levels as adults.

That is why exposure of the ears, and even more so the head to the frost oftentimes immediately results from the smallest cold and their even being subject to hypothermia. Children's winter hats therefore prevent heat loss and allow children to spend time sledging or going on family walks without fear of serious health consequences. The same effect may be obtained using winter hats and snoods for children, which are also a perfect solution during winter activities.

Which children's winter hat will be the best?

For every parent, purchasing children's winter hats is a task they take seriously. Only by choosing the right model will your child’s comfort and protection be ensured in adverse weather conditions. Too small a model can press tightly on a child's head, while a model that is too large will easily slide off and cause discomfort.

In addition, the kids winter hat should also be made of a suitable material. Cotton combined with acrylic or fleece is the best choice here. The soft layers will protect your child’s head from freezing temperatures. Kids winter beanies available in the AGBO collection have additional earflaps and strings that go under the chin to prevent the cap from slipping off the head. This is a convenient solution for both the child and the parent.

When designing hats for the youngest, we do our best to make sure that they are made using the latest technologies and highest quality materials. However, we pay no less attention to the appearance of the product. Our products are distinguished by their fashionable design and rich patterns. The collection includes a children's winter cap with or without a pom pom, as well as colourful models decorated with various patterns. This makes children very willing to wear them.